The DNA Data Storage Alliance welcomes you

We welcome any company or organization that is interested in working in fields related to DNA data storage to join the DNA Data Storage Alliance.

The DNA Data Storage Alliance is a SNIA Technology Affiliate (TA) group, and the application process is done on the SNIA website at the link below.

By joining the DNA Data Storage Alliance you will have access to the most up to date information in the field, access to the leading companies that are shaping this ecosystem and ability to influence our roadmap and the standards we create.

In addition to our technical work, we also host events, create networking opportunities, share knowledge and news and participate in the leading storage conferences.

Few things to know before starting the application process:

  •  To join the DNA Data Storage Alliance, select the “Technology Affiliate” membership type in the SNIA Membership Application
  • You may join the DNA Data Storage Alliance TA without having a general SNIA membership
  • We created a detailed guide to explain the application process – view here
  • Fees: General Industry member (Voting) – $2000/Year, Academy (Non-voting) – Free
  • The application process is done on SNIA website, click the button below to start the application process
  • If you are not sure about the process or have questions, please contact us here
If you are just interested to be up to date on the latest in the field we suggest you follow our pages on LinkedIn or Twitter and subscribe to our newsletter

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